Job search tips

Hey guys,

As a break from you’re normally scheduled programming, I thought I’d take a moment to offer some suggestions for my fellow job-seeker.

Recently, I went on an interview.  When I returned the interviewer’s call (about whether or not I had the job), after I found out that I didn’t, I asked the interviewer a simple question:

“Since I’ve gone through the application process and the interview, is there anything I could have differently?”

I know that, at times, the rejection can be soul-crushing and leave you feeling demoralized but take it from me…it never hurts to ask why you didn’t get the job.  You’ll never know that you may be doing something that keeps you from landing the job.  And, unless the interviewer is extremely busy, they’ll usually give you an answer.

I learned some really interesting things about myself through someone else’s eyes.  For one, for the first time in my life, someone described me as personable and outgoing.  If only the 18 year old me could see me now.  I think she’d be impressed.

A second tip for all of you out there is to manage your expectations.  All too often when applying for a job, you get caught up in the moment.  Already envisioning yourself with the job and what it would be like to live in whatever city the job is in.

My advice to you is don’t do that.  There’s nothing wrong with being hopeful about getting a job but take a breath and move on to the next job application.  Essentially, once you submit that job app, it’s out of your control.  So why spend time wracking your brain and constantly checking your phone for messages? Instead, focus that energy on the next cover letter and reformatting your resume.  Something entirely within your control.

I know it’s easier said then done but it’s helped me most of the time (aside from the occasional job search meltdown…because it does happen) and it keeps me moving and focused on what I want.

Remember don’t be afraid to ask the interviewer why you didn’t get the job and manage your expectations.


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