New Adventures, New Horizons

Hello all!

I apologize for the extreme neglect on my site for the past few weeks.

A lot has happened in a short amount of time.  I went from scouring the web looking for jobs, applying to jobs to finding myself with a job.  How you may ask?

Well, there was a job I applied to back in May.  But, I found in June that I didn’t get the job.  Imagine my surprise when just 3 1/2 weeks ago, they called me to see if I was still interested.  Apparently, the person they hired, for some reason or another, decided not to take the job.

It’s amazing how things work out and what opportunities will pop up.

Suffice to say, the job is working with the government as an archives technician in the deserts of California.  I know, some of you may be thinking why would you ever decide to take the job?

First and foremost, the job is a foot in the door.  And with a little luck, I can pry that door open even further and take advantage of this opportunity to fulfill my ultimate dream…to work for the National Archives.

You never know where your opportunity may lie in life and I don’t plan on wasting a moment of my opportunity.  While it may be sad at times, being so far from my family and friends on the east coast, I know I’m working toward a dream and I’m moving through life with a purpose.  Besides, who knows where this next chapter of my life will take me, what amazing things I will see, and the people I’ll meet.

I’m in the last stages of my move to California.  So, the next time you may hear from me will be from my new job. (I start next Monday!)

Keep reading as I’ll explore life in the California desert and pursue my professional career as an archivist.

Best wishes,



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