To students and new archives professionals, please consider joining the Societh of American Archivists’ new roundtable – the Students and New Archives Professional Roundtable (SNAP).  You do not have to be an SAA member to particiapte in this roundtable.

Here are the goals of SNAP:

  1. To advocate for students, interns, new professionals, early-career project archivists, and archivists who are still looking for their first professional jobs. Provide a forum for new archivists to share their concerns and learn from each other. Promote awareness of the needs of new archivists within SAA and the archives profession. Raise the visibility of new archivists within SAA and the skills and expertise we bring to the profession.
  2. To provide a formal channel for representing the needs of new archivists on issues that affect new archivists, such as dues increases, participation in the Annual Meeting, policies on educational standards, and employment opportunities and compensation.
  3. To bridge the gap between participation in SAA student chapters and participation in SAA. Help new archivists to move from leadership positions within SAA student chapters into leadership positions within SAA sections and roundtables.
  4. To facilitate and encourage remote participation in the group through social media and other online resources. Provide a model for other SAA sections and roundtables for successfully engaging members online.
  5. To support new archivists as they begin their archival careers and as they move from entry-level positions into mid-career or managerial positions. This can be accomplished through mentoring, facilitating networking, and making recommendations to the Committee on Education for relevant training and workshops. The roundtable will coordinate with SAA sections and roundtables, as well as external organizations, to support new archivists and promote relevant services to its members.

For more details, check out this link: http://www2.archivists.org/groups/students-and-new-archives-professionals-snap-roundtable/goals-of-snap


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