My National Register nomination

I’m pleased to announce that my National Register nomination has passed the state-level National Register Review Board on March 30.

I submitted a multiple property nomination for Faith Cabin Libraries in South Carolina.  I managed to locate two log cabins in South Carolina dating back to the late 1930s.  The Faith Cabin Libraries (FCL) were started by a white mill worker names Willie Lee Buffington to provide library services to African Americans in rural South Carolina.  During the Jim Crow era, African Americans only had access to public libraries in Columbia and Charleston.

Buffington worked with the local communities to obtain building material and supplies to construct the log cabins.  Often these libraries were located near Rosenwald Schools.

This project originally started out as part of my Historic Preservation class in the Fall of 2010.  I put so much work and effort into it that when I finished the class, I decided I need to do something with the nomination.  I worked with the amazing staff at the South Carolina Department of Archives and History to improve upon my nomination.

Even after I got my new job all the way in California, I still worked with staff members on my nomination.  And, because of the distance and my work schedule, they presented the nomination for me at the meeting.

With any luck, the National Park Service will approve the nomination in the coming months and the two libraries will be placed on the National Register for Historic Places.


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