Another day in the office

So, I’ve been at my volunteer gig for a month now and it recently occurred to me that I haven’t shown my fellow readers what I’ve been doing.  It’s funny.  I work with photographs but I didn’t think to take photographs of what I do.

The first photograph is the storage space above my desk where I keep the photographs I’ve arranged into different series.  The majority of these photographs are old (1930s to 1960s) black and white photos of various sizes.  I know archivists are anti-post-it notes (and I am too after my last archives job photocopying post-it notes on records) but I use these temporarily as a reminder of what’s in each box.

To the left are the much anticipated supplies that arrived a few days ago.  Everything to the right with a post-it note are the photographs.

I didn’t dare to take a photo of the cart behind me.  The cart contains later photos mostly from the 1980s and 1990s that I haven’t had a chance to sort yet.

In the second photograph, I’m working on the 35mm Kodak negatives and rehousing them into archival quality photo sleeves that I got from PrintFile, a great place to get archival quality photo storage products.  One of my archivist peeps on Twitter recommended them to me.


Hopefully I’ll remember to take more pictures as my project is really starting to get underway.




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