Job Search Update

For the past six months, while I worked at my temporary job at Death Valley National Park, I searched for a job.  I knew going into my position that it was only temporary.  That despite the great people and the wonderful scenery, it would all come to an end.  So, beginning in February, I applied to job after job and networked my butt off, which was  an incredible feat since I was living in the desert!  One of the benefits of my Death Valley job is that it put into sharp focus exactly what I wanted to do and the type of archivist I wanted to be.

After months of searching, it’s finally happened.

I have found a full-time job!  The job incorporates all of the things I love to do: reference, outreach, and processing.  The timing could not have been better.  Or, more interesting in the way it happened.  As many of you know, the job search can quickly amount to a full-time job when one is unemployed.  It took several pep talks to myself, from friends, and from family to keep up the good fight.  Then, quite suddenly, in a 3 day span, I landed two interviews.  Both interviews at institutions that I would jump at the opportunity to work for.

Both interviews went well.  For me, something about the job search changed me.  Although I wanted a job, I did become a little pickier in the types of jobs I applied for.  Frankly, I didn’t waste time and energy applying for jobs that if I got called for an interview and got the job, I wouldn’t take it.  Because, realistically, I wouldn’t want to the job.  And, I couldn’t help but think that I would be taking a job away from someone that really wanted it.  That this job that I wouldn’t want to do, would be someone’s dream job.  Couldn’t do it.

In my selectivity, my cover letter and resume started to reflect not only my work history but my overall aspirations.  I no longer was trying to tell employers what I thought they wanted to hear. (When you get desperate, we all have a tendency to start doing this…avoid it.).

After the first interview with company A, I never heard back from them.  And it didn’t bother me.  Not in the “I don’t want that job” but in a “I made peace with whatever would happen.”  The first interview with company B was a build up of nervous energy.  I wanted the job so bad!  The wait leading up to the interview and the wait leading up to whether or not I got the job was agonizing.  And, I was doing all of this without having really told a soul.  Only one or two people knew I even had the interview.

A week later, I get the call that I got the job with company B.  Now, I have to shift my focus from job hunting to preparing for a new job…in a different city…over 500 miles away. Aaahh!

To my fellow job seekers, keep hope alive.  Your day will come.


To read more about my 2011-2012 experience living in Death Valley, check out my Tumblr blog, The Far Side of the Moon.


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