Stuck in Neutral – OR – Now What?

I’ve spent the last year searching for a job.  And, as of a couple of weeks ago, I finally got the job.  So why do I still feel so restless?  With all its headaches, the job search was basically a full time job for me ever since my temporary job ended a few months ago.  And, finally getting a job is validation and proof of my hard work over the past several months to land a job in my career.

After giving it some thought, I reached the conclusion that my restlessness is a result of a gaping hole of time in my day.  By that I mean, I get up in the morning and I think to myself, “Now what?” I know some of you are thinking, But Ashley, you got the job! And to you I say, that’s very true.  But I’m stuck in neutral, not really moving forward and not moving backward.

Let me explain, I got the job in late August but the whole hiring thing is a process.  Paperwork has to be filled out.  Documents faxed.  Transcripts obtained and mailed off.  And all the calls in-between.  Now, I have an official start date of late October.  So, here I am and its September.  I’ve been plugging away at the housing search but to no avail…yet.  When I’m not doing that and volunteering a couple hours a week, I think to myself, I should be doing something.

Perhaps this is all the result of a busy person used to being extremely busy.  There was always a to-do list, some errand to run, some chore to do.  But as these things start to subside I think, now what?

To my readers out there, have you ever felt like this and what did you do about it?

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4 Responses to Stuck in Neutral – OR – Now What?

  1. Nicole Moore says:

    Congrats! I am in the midst of a frustrating job search myself and I hope that I can get to the ansy, “now what” stage soon. This wait and see on applications process is KILLING me!

    • Ashley S says:

      Thanks for reading! I completely understand how frustrating the job search can be. It took me about 2 years to land my dream job. But, during that time I was still in school and then working a temporary job in a very remote area. Best suggestion I can give is once you apply for a job, move on to the next one, if you aren’t already. Or take mini-breaks inbetween searching to do other things (read, volunteer, take up a new hobby). If you haven’t read it already you should check out my post titled “To Be A Lady of Leisure.” Someone once told me and I’ll tell it to you: Your job is out there. It really is.

  2. Emily Hikes says:


    I’ve been on the hunt for close to two years now for something permanent, and I am still without such a position. My temporary work has been satisfying recently and I have prospects, so I have put a national search on the back burner until I have definitely exhausted my options here. I feel better though, not empty, but our situations differ.

    I suggest that you get involved in something while you wait for your first day at work and you’ll easily forget that you had that unfulfilling, unpaid \”job\” of applying and waiting for so long. Put that energy into something useful like a craft or volunteering! Imagine all the time you have to read now?! And do yourself a favor and unsubscribe from job listings on Twitter and elsewhere (but don’t get rid of them entirely, of course). That might add to your anxiety if you are reminded of your old ”job” every day.

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