Philadelphia: The Great Experiment

This past MLK day, I had the fortune of attending an advance viewing of episode 3 of Philadelphia: The Great Experiment at the Prince Music Theater.

Episode 3 captures an interesting period of Philadelphia history spanning 1944-1964.  The city, and the nation, was coming out of World War II and into a time rife with racial tension, economic development and prosperity, and rising hopes for a better future.  This one hour documentary covers the 1944 Transit Ttrike, the end of corruption in city hall, urban renewal and its larger implications on the city, race riots and the rising Civil Rights movement in Philadelphia, and Philadelphia’s contribution to pop culture (The Twist and American Bandstand).  Side note:  I live near the original American Bandstand building!

Here’s a clip from Episode 3 of Philadelphia: The Great Experiment which airs on Abc6 on Thursday, January 24, 2013 at 7:30 pm.

As a non-Philadelphian, the episode exposed me to this great city and its rich history.  It’s a city that I’m growing to love more each and every day.  The series is currently producing 3 additional episodes covering different time periods in history with the hope of expanding to 12 episodes.

I highly recommend this documentary series for those who want to learn about Philadelphia’s history.

For more information related to this series, check out the following links.

Philadelphia: The Great Experiment

Philadelphia History Channel


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