Job Update

Hello my lovelies! Many apologies for not posting as regularly as I use to.  There is much activity and excitement at the National Archives in Philadelphia.  Our long anticipated records move is officially set to begin March 4 (yay!).  This will be the culmination of 3-years worth of planning, discussion, and tons of prep work.  Although I’m relatively new to my Philly fam, there’s been a lot to absorb and learn in a short amount of time.  But I’m steadily trucking along.

At the same time, the Education department, for which I’m a member of, is gearing up for National History Day in Philly.  After months of plan, our department, in conjunction with our partners at various cultural institutions, will see the fruits of our joint labors.  As an archivist and historian, NHD warms my heart.  It’s great to see middle and high school students excited about history.  National History Day gives students the opportunity to think critically and become better researchers.

All of these activities together will make for a very busy but interesting March.  I hope to have another post up in the next week or two.  Stay tuned for updates as exciting things are on the horizon for yours truly.

Until next time….


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