Well, fancy meeting you here, stranger.  As you can see, much has changed regarding this site.

First, I lost the original domain name so I’m now back to the clunky jazz in my URL.  To make things easier on yourself, either bookmark my site and/or just save this shortened link (  With that being said, WordPress hasn’t adjusted to the change so I’m catching all types of technical glitches.  Please bear with me during this slightly bumpy adjustment.

Second, I’m expanding on the scope of this site. Before content was about 95% on my professional career.  Given my breadth of interests, I’m thinking the ratio will likely become 75% professional / 25% personal.  And, by personal, I will occasionally share articles of interest to me, write pseudo-opinion/think pieces, and may share some of my photography.  I recently acquired a 1952 Argoflex Seventy-Five camera at a flea market.  Super excited to take pictures.  I don’t typically name things but I’m calling her Betty, an homage to the ’50s.


Isn’t she a beauty?

Thirdly, my job situation has changed.  Earlier this year, I changed jobs and moved to a different state.  Now, I’m relying on a completely different set of skills then the ones I picked up in grad school.  To find out more, check my About Me page for details.

Lastly, I’ll do my best to post once a month at the minimum. I’m really  pushing to get out two posts a month.  We’ll see how that goes.

Ta for now!



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