Presenter Pro-Tip: Peppermint Candy

Actually, any mint will do. I’m prone to dry mouth when I present.  No matter how much water I consume prior to a talk or presentation, all the moisture in my mouth immediately vacates the premises. It’s a nerves thing. Talking in front of people does not make me nervous anymore BUT I still exhibit these weird physical quirks.

The result is it make it very difficult (I mean very difficult) to talk.  peppermint-candy-gerd-400x400When I was 17 years old, someone recommended I try this trick. I took about 8 years before I actually started using it.  Having some type of hard candy in your mouth guards against the dry mouth.  Talking becomes easier. It takes practice to have it in your mouth and talk without people noticing. My preferred mint is the Icebreakers. They’re small.

So if you’re like me and the Dry Mouth Struggle is very real. Give this a try.



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