#amreading – Those Who Left: Austin’s Declining African American Population

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UT Study – Those Who Left: Austin’s Declining African American Population (the full report)

A study conducted by professors at the University of Texas @ Austin to examine the reasons by behind the declining African American population.  Austin is experiencing unprecedented growth at the same time its African American population is declining.  According to the study, there are now 60,760 blacks living in Austin compared to a total population of 2 million based on US Census data for the Austin-Round Rock metro area.

Why did I read this?

I find it fascinating to learning about Austin’s shrinking black populations because a.) I’m black and b.) I reside in the most impacted area: East Austin.  Not going to lie, its disconcerting not to see as many black faces. Recently, I had the pleasure of returning to my home state of Georgia.  It was refreshing to see a more balanced mix racial.  Besides being home, I felt more at ease in my short time there than I did in my year of living in Austin.

Fascinating part of the article?

First, I was introduced to the term the ‘suburbanization of poverty.’ This is further explained by another point in the study.  Essentially ‘gentrification begets economic segregation.’ Higher incomes reside in newly gentrified areas thereby pushing lower incomes (lower to middle class) out aka into the suburbs.

Still think we don’t have class issues in America? Especially since there is a class dimension to racism.  Just saying…




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