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Underground: The TV Show that gave me Life

Don’t sleep on Underground. Seriously. Note there are spoilers and trigger warnings for sexual assault victims. The show is hard to summarize because its complex, the cast is large, and so much happens. In short, there are enslaved people who … Continue reading

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Even Archivists get Nervous

It was 3:57 a.m. The yellow lights of my alarm clock seemed to taunt me.  I awoke from a deep sleep to an anxiety-filled mind. Remember to make copies of the handouts.  Did you fix that typo on slide 12? … Continue reading

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Who Am I?: My Genealogical Search

One of the senior reference archivists gave me some great advice during my first week on the job.  She told me that since most of our patrons are genealogists, it’s in my best interest to know more about what they … Continue reading

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